How to Find Good Art

By Nicholas Scribner
June 10, 2022

Instead of relying on AllMusic's objective ratings, sometimes I buy an album for subjective factors. In the case of the June 2021 album Sun by Pastel Coast, these included the album cover and band name. Of greater importance, though, I enjoyed the snippets of the songs.

I know what you're probably thinking: there are no objective ratings when it comes to music or—more broadly—art. Yeah, I get it; I've seen Dead Poets Society, too. But if that's the case—if art is in the eye of the beholder—how is one supposed to find exceptional art? Individuals don't have the time to form an opinion on every work of art. Looking more carefully at highly-rated artistic output from professional critics solves this problem.

Yet I found this 3.5-star album that will always evoke the intense feelings I had last June and July. I go through phases where I don't listen to any music (with the exception of tuning in to the Current while driving) and phases where it seems I'm always listening to music. I hope I'm now entering one of the latter phases.

I guess the point of my harangue is that good art can be both objective and subjective. And these opposite ideas can coexist. Opinions are rarely based on one extreme metric (objective or subjective)—unless you're an extremist, in which case you probably didn't finish reading this rant.

Watch the music video for "Sunset" by Pastel Coast: <>.

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