I Joined Voice, a New Social Network

By Nicholas Scribner
January 21, 2021

I joined the social network Voice yesterday. Voice was announced in 2019 with the sale of Voice.com, which became the most expensive domain name sale to date — selling for a staggering $30 million. (Note: Other websites have sold for more money, but Voice.com is by far the most expensive sale for a domain name only.)

Part of what makes Voice unique is their registration process that weeds out fake and duplicate accounts. To that end, they require users to take a 3D selfie in the Voice app when registering. This biometric scan ensures a unique user registers. Voice also requires that users display their legal name.

After I set up my Voice account, I took the selfie the app created and posted it on all my social media accounts. My last selfie was close to five years old, so this update was long overdue.

The similarities between the logos for Voice and Jeers are coincidental. In fact, I designed the logo for this site 10 days before I found out about Voice.

Visit my Voice profile at https://www.voice.com/profile/nas.

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